If you're in need of somebody to develop your website usign modern webdesign techniques, you're in luck: I'm looking to build my portfolio and am willing to work with your to build a cost effective website.

I am an expert at HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and client side frameworks such as jQuery. On the server side I've been developing with ASP.Net for 10+ years, and have plenty of experience with PHP creating websites using Drupal, Joomla, and Moodle.

If you're interested, go ahead and send me an email design@gimenez.biz

I have been developing commercial applications for almost 20 years and am looking to build a portfolio of short to medium term contract assignments. If you have an application idea or need an existing application modified in someway, I'd be happy to consult with you at absolutely no charge.

I develop desktop applications using .Net technologies, and I can create multi-target apps using Xamarin or Unity development platforms.

For quotes and pricing information contact me at apps@gimenez.biz

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Regular Expressions? Yippee!

REY is an online regular expression editor that allows you to comprehensively evaluate any regular expression pattern using a variety of convienent tools. To do this, all you need to do is enter a regular expression and some text to test against, and immediately (okay a second later) you'll be able to visualize successful matches within your text, see the results of splitting the text into an array, replace matched text with a string or function, and much, much, more.

It is free to use and is located at http://REY.gimenez.biz/

I keep all of the JavaScript libraries I created up to date, and located at GitHub. Feel Free to use it in your projects or go ahead and fork it.

The GIT repository is located at https://github.com/DDtMM/DDtMM.Scripts

I used to be heavy into Silverlight back in the day. Well I'm not anymore, but I keep my old Silverlight and music site up and running.

I think some of the old Silverlight apps still work. http://DDtMM.com